Flash Cards Strategy

Making cards is an excellent strategy that helps language learners practice and acquire new vocabulary through beginner and intermediate levels.  Fortunately, learners can use both paper and software applications to make flash cards where they write the new Arabic word (singular & plural) on the front side of the card and its translation in the learners’ mother tongue on the back side. Each day, learners are supposed to memorize 10-20 new vocabulary, and by the end of the week, they can gather over 100 new vocabulary.  They are advised to practice the new vocabulary every day, and give more focus on the difficult ones, at the end of the week they review all vocabulary learnt, and archive such cards in the box of the learnt ones.  For those learners who  prefer ICT for learning, they can download applications such as  Byki from http://www.byki.com into their mobiles, and start practicing.  With software applications, learners have more advantages since they can add photos to the new vocabulary, and they can practice everywhere they go easily.  Thanks to ICT for saving time, cost, effort, and enable learners vary and ease the ways of learning.