A great Arabic Language Book

A Fantastic Arabic Language Book
By J Elder on March 1, 2015

Format: Paperback
I have been studying using these books for over a year, and I have been so impressed.
It is a great balance of the Arabic language. It's heavy on vocab for a while, focusing on the highest usage words, then easing into quite a bit of grammar, which is necessary if you want to really use the language correctly.
It also has recursive vocabulary, which is fantastic in this type of study.
You might feel like you're swimming in vocab words, (the meat and potatoes of any language learning) but two chapters later, you see a few words that you've already worked on, and automatically, you're encouraged because you've made real progress!

It was clearly made by specialists in Arabic language learning. I have been continually impressed at how well the book has been put together.
I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Arabic.


the best Arabic language book on the market!
the best Arabic language book on the market!

This is by far the best series of books for anyone who wants to learn Arabic. There is nothing like them on the market!

The book is a fantastic text book. Once you have bought your book, simply send a request for the MP3 audio to the e-mail address at the back of the book, which you get for free. The audio is really clear and paced very well for learners. The book belongs to an on-line institute, so you could get some lessons to help with your learning

I have bought many books in the past to aid my Arabic studies but this is the fastest way to get talking and to understand the language.