Writing Recorded Sentences Strategy


Through ASAK textbooks, several learning were embedded in order to help learners acquire the language skills easily.  As planned, each unit in each textbook starts with new vocabulary and phrases deduced from the different lessons of the unit.  These vocabulary and phrases are recorded into contexts to help learners understand the meaning and the appropriate structure.  

 How this strategy works

Outside the class, learners are recommended to listen several times to the recorded words and phrases  before they start the lessons in the unit.  Each unit contains about 20-30 minutes recordings  of the new vocabulary and phrases used into contexts.  Then, learners are recommended to listen to 5-10 recorded statements and write them down.  However, after they found this strategy fruitful and helpful, some learners write down all the statements.  When they come to the class they show the teacher their writings and get his feedback.  The teacher  corrects  their mistakes that usually include spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.  Thus the dictation strategy encourages learners to improve multiple skills (listening, writing & reading), and improve their grammar.   At the beginning, this strategy seems to be difficult, but after some time, it becomes easy, and learners realize the great progress.  Fortunately, it is easy for online learners to adapt this strategy by using WhatsApp,  or photo attachments to send their writings to their teachers.